Hewlett skin cancer treatment

Hewlett Skin Cancer Treatment

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Skin cancer treatments in Hewlett

Dr. Lish, a board certified dermatologist, has been in private practice for 15 years. She practices medical dermatology, including adult and pediatric dermatology, and performs dermatological surgery, including Hewlett skin cancer treatment. In addition, she has a special interest in cosmetic dermatology, including specialized skin care regimens, laser skin rejuvenation for sun damage, brown spots, blood vessels, and wrinkles, Botox and Dysport injections for wrinkles, Restylane and Perlane fillers for wrinkles, chemical peels, laser hair removal, intense pulse light (IPL) laser treatments, and sclerotherapy. Dr. Lish offers the highest quality care in an intimate personalized setting with an attentive office staff and the highest regard for your complete satisfaction.

One of the most important jobs for any dermatologist is to examine their patients for signs of skin cancer. If your skin cancer screening results in traces of cancerous cells, Dr. Lish offers Mohs surgery to treat skin cancer. This Hewlett skin cancer treatment offers a unique benefit because during surgery, the surgeon can see where the cancer stops. This isn’t possible with other types of treatment for skin cancer. The benefits of this type of procedure are a high cure rate and it allows you to keep as much healthy skin as possible since Dr. Lish removes only the skin with cancer cells. There are other advantages as well. During Mohs surgery, most patients remain awake and alert. This means Mohs can safely be performed in a medical office or surgical suite. On the day of the surgery, Dr. Lish will examine the area to be treated and then you will be readied for surgery. This includes giving you an injection of anesthetic. This injection only numbs the area that will be operated on, so you’ll be awake during the surgery. Once the anesthetic takes effect, the surgery can begin. She starts by first cutting out the visible skin cancer. Next, she removes a thin layer of surrounding skin. You’re then bandaged so that you can wait comfortably. While you wait, the doctor looks at the removed skin under a microscope, looking for cancer cells. If cancer cells are found, you’ll need another layer of skin removed. This process of removing a thin layer of skin and looking at it under a microscope continues until the surgeon no longer sees cancer cells.

Once cancer cells are no longer seen, she will decide how to treat your wound. Some wounds heal nicely without stitches, others need stitches. To minimize the scar and help the area heal, some patients require a skin graft or other types of surgery. Mohs surgery has a high success rate and Dr. Lish is quite skilled in the procedure. If you or any member of your family needs Hewlett skin cancer treatment by a leading dermatologist, or have other dermatological questions, make an appointment with Dr. Lish today.

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