Wrinkle treatments in Cedarhurst

Wrinkle Treatments in Cedarhurst

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Botulinum toxin in Cedarhurst

Wrinkle treatments in Cedarhurst
Wrinkle treatments in Cedarhurst

When you look in the mirror, do you secretly pull back your skin to reduce those wrinkles and give your face a more youthful appearance? There’s a easier way to do this by visiting Dr. Karen Lish and receiving her state-of-the-art wrinkle treatments in Cedarhurst. Dr. Lish, a board certified dermatologist, has been in private practice for 15 years. She practices medical dermatology, including adult and pediatric dermatology, and performs dermatological surgery, including skin cancer surgery. In addition, she has a special interest in cosmetic dermatology, including specialized skin care regimens, laser skin rejuvenation for sun damage, brown spots, blood vessels, and wrinkles, Botox and Dysport injections for wrinkles, Restylane and Perlane fillers for wrinkles, chemical peels, laser hair removal, intense pulse light (IPL) laser treatments, and sclerotherapy. Dr. Lish offers the highest quality care in an intimate personalized setting with an attentive office staff and the highest regard for your complete satisfaction.

The cosmetic form of botulinum toxin is a popular nonsurgical injection wrinkle treatment in Cedarhurst that temporarily reduces or eliminates facial fine lines and wrinkles. The most commonly treated areas are frown lines, forehead creases, crow’s feet near the eyes. Several other areas have been treated such as thick bands in the neck, thick jaw muscles, lip lines, and gummy smiles. Botulinum toxin is a purified substance that’s derived from bacteria. Injections of botulinum toxin block the nerve signals to the muscle in which it was injected. Without a signal, the muscle is not able to contract. The end result is diminished unwanted facial wrinkles or appearance.

Dr. Lish may use botulinum toxin combined with other cosmetic skin procedures such as chemical peels, laser treatments, dermal fillers, or micro-dermabrasion as wrinkle treatments in Cedarhurst to further improve your results. This combination of therapies can even help to prevent the formation of new lines and wrinkles. New technologies and products that are entering the growing market of cosmetic procedures are enhancing dermatologists’ abilities to fine-tune treatments. Advances in the use of lasers, wrinkle fillers and botulinum toxin are allowing dermatologists to better refine and customize treatments based on each patient’s specific cosmetic needs. For a consultation with Dr. Lish to discuss her effective wrinkle treatments, give her a call today.

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